Best Places Photograph in Perth

Date: 21 Jun 2017 | Posted by: Vera Kruis | Category: Family Photography Blog

Best Places Photograph in Perth

Australia is blessed to have a lot of beautiful places and some of these are considered the best places to photograph in Perth. You definitely have a lot of options, may it be the beaches, parks, and other places that will be the perfect spot for any photo shoot.  Whether it may be a maternity shoot or pre-nuptial shoot, the location always plays an integral role in the photo composition.  Choosing a great location always makes or breaks a photography session.

Perfect Family Photography Location Perth

Before finalising the location of your photo shoot, you have to ask yourself these questions first:

Who will be included in the photo shoot?

Will it be you and your husband? Will it your two-weeks-old baby or your whole family? Determining who will star in the shoot will help guide you in choosing a location. You wouldn’t want to have a newborn photography session by the beach where it will be very windy and risk your baby getting the flu. You wouldn’t want to have a maternity session in the middle of a crowded street.

When are you planning the photo shoot?

Knowing when the photo shoot is will help you decide on the location. Once you have finalised the date, you can then check AccuWeather or other weather-forecasting apps to see if that would be a good day to shoot in a park or by the beach.

Do you want it indoor or outdoor photo shoot?

Deciding if you want it indoor or outdoor will help you size down the number of places to photograph in.  There are a lot of both indoor and outdoor places that would be perfect for any shoot that you are planning.

Beautiful Places for Photography Session in Perth


Beach Photography Perth

Beaches in Hillarys, Iluka, Burns Beach, Cottesloe and City Beach are just some of the best places to photograph in Perth.  Each beach strip has a charm of its own and can serve as the perfect backdrop for you photos from sunrise to sundown.  Among all of these, Hillarys seem to be the most popular among photographers since it houses the famous Hillary Boat Harbour.  When you choose to have your photo shoot by the beach, you should be ready to get wet, have fun and enjoy your beautiful surroundings. Even photography beginners can take the perfect picture on Perth’s beautiful beaches.

best places to photograph

Park Photography in Perth

Parks have always been one of the top spots to conduct a photography session.  What’s a good thing is that parks also come in all types and sizes. You can choose to have a photography session in a park near the city like Hyde Park or at the University of Western Australia. Or, you can opt to go a little further by visiting the Big Trees on Mounts Bay Road or the Pinnacles at Nambung National Park.  Other parks that are worth a shout out are Kings Park, John Oldham Park, Bicton Quarantine Park and Surrounds, and Fred Jacoby Park. These parks definitely make it to the list of best places to photograph in Perth.

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Urban Photography Perth

The streets of Perth are also a great place to hold a photoshoot.  You can find a lot of photo-worthy buildings, awesome wall murals and graffiti, and beautiful architecture.  Some of these places include Garffiti on Wolf Lane, trendy Zebra Wall in South Fremantle Café Ootong and Lincoln, and COMO the Treasury.  The top place for photographers is definitely Fremantle. This suburb boasts a lighthouse, an amazing ferris wheel, and the Fremantle Arts Centre.

best places to photograph in Perth