Photography for Beginners

Date: 28 Jun 2017 | Posted by: Vera Kruis | Category: Babies, Kids and Family, Maternity, Newborns

Planning to start a career as a Perth professional photographer can be a huge decision that you have to reflect on. But, once you get the ball rolling, you will be in for an awesome, unpredictable, roller-coaster ride. Imagine all the moments that you can capture with your camera! You will be helping families, couples and friends immortalize their memories.

Getting the Right Photography Gear

Your photography journey wouldn’t be complete without the proper tools. You don’t have to spend much to get great results. A not-so-expensive camera, lens and tripod will surely do.


For beginners, getting the right camera is very important. A DSLR camera is mostly recommended for beginners. Most professional photographers also use DLSR cameras since they can easily review the photos after shooting and they are cost-effective. No need to spend for films anymore!  With all the options that you have in the market, choosing a DLSR can be quite confusing. It is better to ask around first. Get feedback from other Perth professional photographers that you personally know. Read reviews from blogs and forums that specialize in camera. Remember, the brand of your camera does not play a huge part in your shots. What matters is that you know how to use the camera.

Photography Lens for Beginners

As a beginner photographer, you have to have a couple of lens:

Portrait Lens

The Portrait Lens or the “Normal Lens” is probably the most used lens in a photographer’s kit. As a “fast” lens, this lens is perfect for shooting in low light locations. Just keep the aperture wide, get in your subject in frame and start clicking.

Wide Angle Lens

Wide Angle lenses are used to take photos with a wider perspective. This is great for shoot sceneries and other landscapes.

Macro Lens

There will be moments in a photographer’s career that he has to shoot close-up and detailed shots. Macro lenses are perfect for this type of shoot. 

Choosing a Photography Style

At the beginning of your journey as a new Perth professional photographer, you will need to choose a photography style that will serve as your trademark. You would want clients to recognize the photos as yours even without the watermark.  Here are some tips that can help you find a photography style that will suit you.

Your local Perth family photographer

Focus on You

It’s okay to look for inspirations and idolize a famous professional photographer. Admiration is great but comparing his work to yours is really not fair to you. He has years of experience before he was able to produce that kind of photos. Instead, look inspiration in your surroundings. Experiment with different shots and see what you really like.

Don’t Copy Other Photographers Styles

Each photography style is a photographer’s own. Yes, their photos might look great and all but they are not really you. As a beginner, you would really want to set yourself apart from the pack and establish your own name. Personally, newborn photography was my passion and I based my style around this style which expanded in family photography.

Shoot, Shoot, and Shoot

Practice makes perfect. Yes, even in photography. Invite some friends over and ask if you can have a fun shoot with them.  As you shoot every day, your photography style will surely emerge sooner or later.

With these tips, you will surely fulfil your dream to be a professional photographer in no time!