What Photography Has Taught Me

Date: 7 Jul 2017 | Posted by: Vera Kruis | Category: Family Photography Blog

What Photography Has Taught Me

Over the years of photography practice as a professional photographer, you will get to pick up some tips and tricks that enabled you to improve yourself. You’ll get to learn important life lessons along the way too.  Photography is not just an art. It is a lifestyle that professional and passionate photographers live. It’s my passion and I love everyday I get to photograph newborns in Perth. photography

Here are some of the things that photography has taught me and can teach you:

About Yourself

Even if you are taking photos of other people, practicing photography involves a great deal of yourself. Your style and personality will be depicted in the photos that you are taking. Taking other’s photos is also like sharing yourself with them. And along the way, you will get to discover more about yourself.


The virtue of patience is definitely needed when you plan to be a professional photographer. You get to interact with different kinds of people with different personalities. Some of them can even be difficult to deal with. If you find yourself being impatient before you start your photography career, you will surely see the difference now. You will now be more patient in dealing with clients. You refuse to give up without getting the perfect shot as this might happen just five clicks away. You must remember a photo is so much more than a photo frame.

Being Observant

One of the best traits that a photographer can have is the ability to observe others. Yes, you have read that right. But what does this really mean?  Being observant is the ability to live in the now and recognise moments that are worth taking. Even if you are in a photo shoot session, break times can be great sources of candid moments. The client is usually off-guard and you will get to document their genuine self.

Love for Others

You won’t be practising photography for a long period of time without developing a love for others. This love will fuel your passion for working better and improving your craft for providing better photos and services to your clients.



About Others

Photography sessions almost always involve other people. And during this process, you will get to know them more than some of their friends.

 Their Other Self

Some people, especially families, tend to have concepts for their shoots. It would be amazing to discover the hobbies of each person during this process. You will never expect a corporate CEO who looks strict and bossy let his children put mud pie on his face.  Photography will let you know a person more than just their appearances.

Their Love for Photos

People definitely love photos! They would love the photo more if they are in it. You will be amazed at how people will love the work that you have put out for them. They will surely share these photos on social media and word will go around about your amazing work.

 About the Art

Photography as an art is very popular nowadays. The demand is so high that a lot of photography classes and courses are now available in schools and other learning centers. But, even if a formal education is great, it still doesn’t beat gaining experience and learn these things:

Photography needs hard work

Photography isn’t just about owning and using the latest DLSRs available in the market. Your camera is the heart of photography but it your skill is its soul. Every day, you need to practice and shoot.  Shoot in every situation that you can. Invite friends over and practice on them. Practice makes perfect and it definitely applies to photography.  Aside from that, learn new tricks from other professional photographers. Hang out with them and treat them as your coach or mentor. You can never learn enough tips when it comes to photography.  No matter what type of photography you will choose to specialize in, it requires your full commitment to produce great photos and not give up because of one awful shot.

Preparation is the key

This is applicable in all situations. Planning and preparation can surely help you have a smooth-sailing photo shoot.  Check out the weather forecast before a shoot, prepare necessary props for the shoot and do a pep talk with your client.

Things will not go your way all the time

You have to remember that even if you are the holding the camera, you are never really in full control of the situation. So if something happens on the shoot that isn’t planned, just go with it. These are great for candid shots.