When to Photograph Newborns

Date: 29 Jun 2017 | Posted by: Vera Kruis | Category: Family Photography Blog

Anybody that knows me, knows that newborn photography is my passion and highly recommend everyone to take pictures of their newborns. You’ll get to celebrate the new miracle of life through this newborn baby.  Moms and dads are always excited for their newborn photography sessions and would want to schedule it as soon as possible.  But, when is really the proper time to photograph newborns?

Newborn Age for Photos

One factor that one should consider is the age of the baby.  Is the baby old enough to do some newborn photography poses? The age of the baby also usually dictates the mood and flow of the shoot.

Babies Less Than 2 Weeks Old

Newborn babies that are less than two weeks old are usually easier to work with since they just sleep most the time. This will allow you to get great sleeping shots and enable you to play up with some concept for the newborn photography shoot. Babies at this age are also less active and calmer than babies that are a month old.  For parents who really want to capture the newborn look, it is suggested that you schedule your shoot during this time frame. Babies lose their newborn look after a month or so and you have a very limited time frame to get a shot that will fit their vision.

the best time to photograph newborns

A Month Old and Older

Although babies that are a month old and older are still adorable and cute, working with them will be a little harder than with a younger baby. They are now more active and more aware of their surroundings. They will easily get distracted and are awake most of the time.  Even if working with babies that are a month old and older is challenging, the end results will still be worth it.

Time of Day 

Babies have their own world and don’t adhere to any schedule that does not fit to theirs. Your best bet is to schedule the shoot during their sleeping time. If they usually sleep longer in the morning, then tell the parents to book a morning newborn photography shoot. If they are less grumpy in the afternoon, then book an afternoon session.

the best time to photograph newborns

Other Things to Consider for photographing newborns

Aside from the age of the newborn and the time of the day, here are other things that you should consider during a newborn photography shoot:

Baby’s Safety

The baby’s safety is always the top priority during the shoot. Some newborn photographers have a production assistant that is assigned just to assist the baby during the shoot. If your newborn photographer doesn’t have an extra assistant, the mother or father takes this role. If you feel that the newborn is about to fall, then the person-in-charge should be there to catch him.  It is also advisable to avoid risky poses that will injure the newborn.  An experienced newborn photographer will also know how to arrange the post of the newborn without the danger of breaking their fragile little bones. The newborn photographer should also have a clear understanding of how photography works so that he will know how to deal with the shoot.

The best location to photograph newborns

The newborn photography shoot location should also be one of the top considerations. Most parents and newborn photographers will opt to have the newborn photography session at the comforts of client’s own home. Or if the photographer has his own studio, they can have the photo shoot there. Outdoor shoots are not really recommended as there are so many outside factors that can harm your newborn. However, the best places in Perth to photograph that you can have as your backdrop for your shoot are unlimited with the beautoful beaches and parks.